Another classic quip from Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). Perhaps not one of his better known, but apropos for displaying numbers.

Power BI Desktop Version

I’m using version 2.76.5…. released ~ 12/18/2019. There are no newer updates as of 2/15/2020. If you are using a different version, your results may vary.

Load Some Data

I grabbed some population data from Wikipedia to look at US Population percent change by state from 2010 to 2019. I had to clean the data a bit because it included Totals, Region Totals, and Territories – I just want the 50 US States.

I’ll see what happens if I try to change the Data type of the Pcnt Change column in the Data Model

  1. Click on the Data icon in the x pane
  2. Click on a cell in the Pcnt Change column
  3. On the Modeling Ribbon, click on the drop-down for the Data type.
  4. Change the Data Type from Text to Decimal Number

You will receive a Data type change warning. Go ahead and click on the Yes button to confirm the change

Note the difference in the appearance of the data in the Pcnt Change Calculated Column. Before the change, the data is left-aligned, after the change, the data is right-aligned.

Format as Percentage (%)

Now that I have a decimal value in the Calculated Column, I’ll change it to a percentage. On the Modeling Ribbon, in the Formatting Group

  1. Click on the % icon
  2. In the decimal places drop-down, I changed from 2 decimal places to 1 decimal place

Formatted Tooltip

Now the tooltip is nicely formatted and easy to ready without 9 decimal places.

Tidy up

That’s it for today. Grab the workbook from my OneDrive. Post inspired by this post at PowerBI tips by Mark Carlo and Seth Bauer.

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