In Coffee Talk on Satruday Night Live, Linda Richman, played by Mike Myers would hurl out “Discussion Topics”. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. “The Partridge Family were neither partridges, nor a family. Discuss.”
  2. “The radical reconstruction of the South after the Civil War was neither radical nor a reconstruction. Discuss.”
  3. “The jelly bean is neither made of jelly nor is it a bean. Discuss.”

However, today’s topic is not about SNL or the radical reconstruction of the south. It is about Excel.

Today’s discussion topic:

In their landmark tome, Professional Excel Development, 2nd Edition, Bovey et. al. contend that Row 1 and Column A should be left empty (Bovey et. al. pg. 70). I posit that it is fine to use Row 1 Column A (R1C1) for tabs in the Data Layer of the Workbook – Discuss.